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As homes in Singapore become smaller in space, interior designers always have the challenge to maximize the space available and design the most stylish homes yet not compromising the basic functionality. A feature wall for small homes should be a perfect blend of style and functionality if it is done right of course.

Why Is Feature Wall For HDB homes important?

Since there is limited floor space available in our flats nowadays, most homeowners are looking to utilize their walls better. Hence, there is increased interest in feature walls for small living rooms. Feature walls have traditionally being used as a focal point in a room to capture visitors’ attention. Feature walls are generally differentiated from other walls by the different ways of treatment which includes texture, color or pattern. These 3 methods will form the base of a feature wall such that one look we can already see its differentiation against others.

To ensure that the modern feature walls include the needs for small hdb homes, we can make certain additions to the base. The most common feature wall type we observe in small living rooms is that for the entertainment system. Since there are mainly LED TVs being sold in the market, it is recommended to hang the slim TV on the feature wall to save space. Usually, the base of the feature wall is homogeneous, it could be vertical wooden panels. The vertical lines help to give a soothing feel. By hanging the LED TV horizontally, it also gives the focus of the feature wall on the TV panel itself.

Features Walls Can Be Used As Storage Too

Different tones of orange cubic storage for a feature wall

Fancy some other uses for feature walls in small homes? Perhaps a feature wall with a storage theme. You can double the feature wall as a shelving space too. Shelves are excellent for storing or displaying your collectibles such as books, toys or antiques. To break away from the conventional boring shelves that makes your room looks like a library, try using irregular shapes of storage cubes to break the monotony.

When you put different sizes cubes together on the wall, it makes a statement which breaks the shape of the wall. You can also learn to play with colors between the storage cubes and the wall. Look at the different orange tone for this project image. They are the same but different, when put together it gives extra character to the feature wall.

However, do not overdo with the color tones because an important consideration for small homes is space. Dark colors make a room feel smaller,  the lighter the hue, the more spacious one feels. Use dark colors only as accent colors in confined spaces.

Though homes in Singapore are getting smaller with the introduction of shoebox apartments and also small hdb homes, you should integrate feature wall for small homes into your overall interior design and instruct your designer to also blend in  functionality to the wall. It should not just look nice but also be useful.

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