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If you are looking to install a feature wall for TV console and need information, look no further. Your main considerations when you install a feature wall for TV console should be integrating with your overall home interior design and concealing the wires connecting your TV with the rest of your system. You also need to consider color combinations and know what kind of instructions to give your designer for your feature wall for TV console.

Conceal wires for tv feature wallYour designer wall needs to complement the general theme of the rest of your home or else it will seem out of place. Consider the overall aesthetic. Is the theme there more urban or more rustic? Futuristic and streamlined, or anachronistic and cozy? Once you determine your theme, look at feature wall for TV console pictures in magazines and on the Internet for inspiration. You can use images TV panel feature walls for all housing types including HDB, Condos or Landed.

Hiding your cords in your feature wall is important. There are a few different methods commonly used. The first is to mount your TV on the wall over a hole. The cords go into the wall behind the TV and come out through another hole lower down near an outlet. The wire for the entertainment systems can be hidden on the outside of the wall with adhesive, flat HDMI cables. It is also possible to mount your TV over an outlet and get a wireless HDMI system.

When you get your feature wall installed, color combinations need to be considered. If you decide to go streamlined and monochrome, this isn’t an issue. Just get everything in black or white or whatever color scheme goes best with the rest of the room. If you prefer some color or contrast, you are going to need to do some research and possibly consult your designer. Consider how the colors or textures you select for your cabinets for TV console will look in different lights, next to each other, and with your other furniture.

Let your designer know exactly what you want. Show them the colors and textures you like, explain the feel you are going for with your feature wall for TV console and in your house. Put together a portfolio of pictures from the Internet and interior design magazines that showcase your preferences. In the end, your final product should be a tasteful entertainment area that integrates with the overall design of your home. Do your research, look at lots pictures, and work closely with your designer to get the design that is best for you.

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