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Homeowners may often face the dilemma of choosing which wall in the room they should be using as the feature wall. Choosing the feature wall is a decision that must be made right from the start as it is a permanent fixture that cannot be easily undone in the future.

The first and basic rule is to pick a wall that is naturally prominent when you enter the room. For a living room, this could be the wall that runs along the sofa. However, this may not be applicable if you need to install a TV panel feature wall usually opposite the sofa. Just ensure that you only have one feature wall in the room.

In the bedroom, usually the wall at the head of the bed will be a suitable choice for a feature wall. It also forms a good backdrop for the room. Couples can use the feature wall as a picture gallery whereas individuals can also display abstract art pieces.


No Doors Or Windows For Feature Walls


It is definitely a big NO to choose walls that have doors or windows as the Feature wall. These openings will cause the whole feature wall impression to be disjointed. It breaks up the fluidity of the feature wall you are trying to create. It is preferable to have a full solid wall that allows the full expression of a feature wall.

When it comes to the size of the wall to be be used, there are usually differing views. Some prefer the walls to be as big as possible while others recommend not to overdo it. In fact, this is a question of relativity as a Feature wall that is unusually large will overwhelm the rest of the room. It is right to grab attention but maybe not too much as to intimidate the visitors.

It is not difficult to pick the feature wall candidate in your room if you follow this simple guide above. For the Singapore homes, no matter the size, there is always option to create that stylish feature wall that will make your home look and feel better.

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