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One phenomenon that is becoming more popular in home interior design is the Textured Feature Wall. This is often created by the homeowner who wants to highlight an area of his house, to create a backdrop for a valued work of art or treasured set of photographs, to create “drama” in a rather bland room or simply to create a focus for residents and guests to gather. There are many textures available, often described in catalogs as “3D”; bubbles, lozenges, basket weave, waves running either horizontally or vertically, and textures that resemble actual brickwork.

It is easy to go overboard and choose a dramatic texture for its own sake but remember that you will have to live with the results. It is a good idea to enhance the existing character of a home or a room. Whether you use your fireplace for heating or not, the chimneybreast is an ideal site for a Textured Feature Wall. A texture of stone or brick will contrast beautifully against elaborate flock or floral wallpaper.

Wavy Texture Feature Wall With SpotlightsA handy builder can create his own texture of actual stone or brick pieces. As an alternative, there are “brickwork” wall panels available for sale that you can paint to order. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to adhesive quality, drying time and so forth. Before adding color to a feature wall, consider the décor of the rest of the room.

You can paint the wall the same shade as the other walls, but for a more dramatic effect, choose a color that will enable the wall to “advance” visually. Good examples are painting a wall yellow in a beige or cream room, placing rose pink or even gold in a rust-painted room, lilac against pale blue. Make sure that your chosen color does not compromise any works of art you want to display.

In the ultramodern home, you can eschew the use of paint altogether. White light cast onto a pale, textured surface will create such extraordinary shadow effects on ridges and grooves that even monochrome textures will seem “colored”. You can also flood your feature wall with colored light or mix of lights; red, blue or yellow. Not alone will this option enable you to create whatever mood you wish, but the action of the light will create dramatic shadow effects on its surface. Follow these guidelines to create a Textured Feature Wall that looks great and suits your lifestyle.

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