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What Is A Feature Wall


Most home owners would not want the interior design of their homes to be boring or too uniform in its color scheme. Sometimes when we visit a home, we will complement how brightly colored the rooms were or how well is the layout of the home. Rarely are there any features of the home that will give us the ‘Omph’ feeling. There isn’t anything in the house that is shouting for attention as everything seems to balance each other out. Well, if you want your visitors to feel in awe the moment they step into your home, then a feature wall may be what you need. Feature Wall is a single wall within your room that is vastly different from the others, making it the focus of eyeballs naturally. It is your star attraction that will attract all the attention onto it. The reason why a feature wall can be made a star attraction is by virtue of the visual space it occupies in a room. The walls are probably the biggest section in a room and most people will overlook its importance by simply coating all walls with the same color and think it is enough. They are in fact under-utilizing the differentiation that these walls can contribute to the overall interior design of the room.


So How Does One Make A Feature Wall?


Architecture Feature Wall using Natural StonesThe basic understanding of a Feature wall is that it has to be treated differently from the other walls within the same room. There are various ways to make a wall stand out from the rest and be the “Featured” one. The more costly method is by way of architecture where a particular wall face has undergone some form of construction. It could be a giant built-in book shelf or a textured surface such as a natural stone wall. It has some physical alterations that is different from the rest.

The second way for a feature wall to differentiate itself is by using color. The color change has to be significant in order for people to observe the difference and hence focusing on the differentiator, that feature wall.

The third way to create a feature wall is by using pattern or wall treatment. This could be the use of wall papers that has outstanding patterns compared to the other plain treated walls.

In our series of blog posts, we will be bringing you through everything you need to know about Feature Walls and how it is applicable to Singapore homes. Do you want Stylish and Modern Feature Walls for your HDB or Condo homes. Want to awe your visitors with Feature Walls? Request A Quote at Concept Feature Wall, we will design the most striking feature wall at the most reasonable cost.

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